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Benchmark DS218+ with Geekbench 4 through Synology Docker

To actually know how fast is your Synology is to run a benchmark tool to assessed the CPU performance. I’m going to run the Geekbench 4 through a pre-made docker.

Once you installed Docker on your Synology, click on ‘Registry’ and search for bhcopeland/docker-geekbench4 I’ve found it by searching geekbench4

Once downloaded you can create the container by launching the image from the ‘Image’ section. Ensuring the CPU priority is set to ‘high’ to ensure there is no limitation.

After you apply the settings the newly created container will run right away

Benchmark has begin, now to see what’s happening.

Bring up the container detail page by either double clicking on the container, or right click Details.

To see the action you must go into the terminal where you can see the output of the benchmark

Once you completed you can check the logs to see the result URL, or just print screen the terminal before it refreshes itself.

Geekbench Intel Celeron J3355

Compare to my RS815+ with a Intel Atom C2538
Geekbench Intel Atom C2538

Compare link

The Intel Celeron J3355 is faster than the Intel Atom C2538 in the single-core performance, due to only having dual cores it slightly slower overall. The Intel Atom C2538 has quad core and has a TDP of 15W it’s takes a 50% more power consumption level. The newer Celeron does well with just having a TDP of 10W, reduce power consumption lower heat output for near enough the same performance. Though there is a massive speed boast with AES for the DS218+, oddly both CPU has IntelĀ® AES New Instructions

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