Month: August 2020

Undefined Programming

QNAP QGD-1600P – How to Assign VLAN with pfSense

Here is s a tutorial on how to make the QNAP QGD-1600P with pfSense work with VLAN tags. Please note this is for Firmware version, there will be changes done to QTS and QuNETSwitch in the future that will help with easier assignment of VLAN as I’ve put in request to QNAP support. The…
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HomeAssistant Custom Card

Here are custom made cards that are ready to add into HomeAssistant, you need to ‘Add Card’ and then choose ‘Manual’. You just apply the Code Editor section into the Card Configurations, Images must be places within /config/www/images/ folder, and HomeAssistant must restart to detect newly added images. You must replace ‘[name]’ to the entity…
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Moving setup to the XRackPro2 Cabinet

It was time to change my setup to a proper enclosure, due to the noise and heat generated. I’ve decided to move from a StarTech 12U (4POSTRACK12U) open frame to a XRackPro2 12U (XRP2-12U or XR-NRE2-US) Cabinet. This was the cause of the downtime for the site, which has taken longer than I original thought.…
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