Synology DS218+ Unboxing and 8GB RAM upgrade

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Synology DS218+ Unboxing and 8GB RAM upgrade

Synology finally released a new CPU refresh for their Intel CPU line, previously they have used the Intel Atom C2538 which has the dreaded Intel C2000 design fault unless you got the C0 stepping (Not available with Synology yet.). All B0 stepping CPU are effected but any DiskStation manufacture beyond February 2017 has the resistor fix. Here comes the Synology DS218+ recently released with the new Intel Celeron J3355, this CPU has only 2 cores compared to the higher tier Intel Celeron J3455 that has 4 cores but it is used in the DS718+ and the DS918+.

Just going to run through unboxing pictures for anyone that is keen on seeing what you get. Going to bundle this with Western Digital Blue 500GB and 640GB that I have available right now.


  • C2 Backup Free Trail
  • Quick instation Guide
  • Ethernet cable
  • 8 screws for 2.5″ HDD
  • PSU Adapter
  • Power Lead

  • Underneath has additional vents, there is also 6 pins that are accessible. Not sure what they are intended for….

    Quiet 12cm rear fan

    Screw-less HDD trays for Desktop 3.5″ HDD, there are four mounts point for Laptop 2.5″ HDD at the bottom.

    Easy accessible SO-DIMM slot to upgrade the RAM capacity of your DiskStation.

    Crucial CT102464BF160B 8GB DDR3L – 1600 SODIMM 1.35V CL11

    Insert the RAM at a angle then proceed in pushing it down to click into place. You may notice that the first SO-DIMM is blocked which has the default 2GB RAM configuration. I will add another post on how to remove/upgrade the first slot in the future.

    Slide the trays back into the slot, make sure you fully push the trays into the device.

    Then do a memory test using the Synology Assistant application, download from

    To enable memory test you must enable this through the settings (Cog icon), just tick Memory Test.

    Proceed in installing the DSM software onto your DiskStation, otherwise you can’t run the memory test.

    Once you are up and running, right click to do a memory test it will ask for your Admin password before you can proceed.

    There is no confirmation popup to tell you if it’s complete, if it’s beeps it has completed the test and reboot your system back online.

    Now to do a bench test………

    10 Responses

    1. Marcel says:


      Do you think it’s possible to change the internal memory from 2 to 16Gb by adding tw 8Gb modules (Crucial CT102464BF160B 8GB DDR3L – 1600 SODIMM 1.35V CL11).
      I already know i have to disassemble the DS218+ to get this done.



    2. q1s says:

      Hi, thank you for sharing your experience of a brand new NAS.
      Is DS218+ working normally on 2GB+8GB RAM?
      I am waiting for your further posting about upgrading RAM of this NAS.

      • poyu says:

        Works fine, you get better performance having matching memory modules. I’m in the progress in making a post to make it to 16GB

    3. mook says:

      Does anyone know if you can upgrade the RAM in a DS218J ???

    4. Simon says:

      Is it possible to upgrade the processor in this unit?

    5. paskovitch says:

      Hi! If I want to expand the memory by only 4 gb, is this memory appropriate for the device?

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