Month: July 2018

Undefined Programming

How to setup Mumble server on Synology Docker

This post is created to redirect my old post about installing Mumble through SynoCommunity packages. I would now recommend getting the Docker version of Mumble than using any Synology package, as they tends to be out of date quite often. But if you cannot run Docker than you have to wait for people to maintain…
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Disassembly guide in replacing the RAM on the TS-879 Pro or TS-1079 Pro

This disassembly guide is based on the TS-879 Pro, though the TS-1079 Pro is very similar to this model. Required Tools Phillips #2 Screwdriver Wirecutter 5mm spanner Begin by removing all the caddy, label any drives in the correct slot to ensure that your QNAP will operate properly. Remove 7 screws of the outer casing.…
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