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QNAP QGD-1600P Upgrade – Intel Gemini Lake J4115 can recognise 32GB of RAM

To investigate whether QNAP QGD-1600P can install more than 8GB of RAM we have to do some investigation. The CPU is a Intel Celeron J4115, which is oddly not available from Intel website but it is based on the Gemini Lake and Gemini Lake Refresh. All the Gemini Lake and Gemini Lake Refresh desktop CPU…
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First Impression on the QNAP-Guardian Smart Switch QGD-1600P – Part 1

This is QNAP newest venture into creating the worlds first smart PoE switch, where they have combined their NAS expertise into a switch. This product was very interesting to me, as I was planning to replace my Synology router RT2600ac for a standalone Mini-PC with pfSense firewall solution. The Synology router would therefore by used…
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Disassembly guide in replacing the RAM on the TS-879 Pro or TS-1079 Pro

This disassembly guide is based on the TS-879 Pro, though the TS-1079 Pro is very similar to this model. Required Tools Phillips #2 Screwdriver Wirecutter 5mm spanner Begin by removing all the caddy, label any drives in the correct slot to ensure that your QNAP will operate properly. Remove 7 screws of the outer casing.…
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Upgrading the CPU in the RS3412xs/RS3412RPxs

If your Synology has a removable CPU socket, I would recommend changing the CPU to a faster and energy efficient counterpart. Due to the age of the server you could source a much faster CPU cheaply from auction website such as eBay. For this model the Synology RackStation RS3412xs and RS3412RPxs has an Intel i3-2100…
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Disassemble guide in replacing the SO-DIMM slot on the RS815+

The Synology RackStation RS815+ is one of the easiest motherboard replacement you can get for a RackStation in the Synology range. Sadly they have remove this feature in the updated edition RS818+, they have decided to mount the motherboard onto the casing. Probably cost saving due to reusing parts and less plastic. Let begin in…
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Disassemble guide in replacing the first SO-DIMM slot on the DS218+

The casing for the DS218+ make upgrading the first SO-DIMM difficult, it involves taking the whole device apart and flipping the motherboard while the DS718+ and DS918+ has the first slot exposed without having to disassemble the device. The Intel Celeron J3455 CPU (4 core) in the DS718+ and DS918+ needed a different motherboard layout…
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