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QNAP QGD-1600P – How to Assign VLAN with pfSense

Here is s a tutorial on how to make the QNAP QGD-1600P with pfSense work with VLAN tags. Please note this is for Firmware version, there will be changes done to QTS and QuNETSwitch in the future that will help with easier assignment of VLAN as I’ve put in request to QNAP support. The…
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Using softflowd package on pfSense to QNAP with Elasticsearch Docker

If your pfSense does not have the performance or has huge storage of handling a network probe such as ntopng package, you can send your logs to an external system. With the use of NetFlow you can do this with softflowd package. First install softflowd via System>Package Manager, once installed you need to edit the…
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How to setup pfSense for QNAP

To begin you must have atleast 2 adapters, one will be the WAN and the other is the LAN. Though I recommend that you have 3 adapters as you should ensure that one of the adapter is for direct access to the NAS, otherwise you will lose connection when ever your pfSense is turned off.…
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