Month: July 2020

Undefined Programming

Making the QNAP PSU 20-pin SATA Power Adapter

There are many reasons where you would wish to use your own power supply unit, such as finding a replacement is hard to source, the part is expensive or perhaps the current one is too loud and maybe under powered? Here’s a guide in making the adapter without any soldering required, please note I cannot…
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Using softflowd package on pfSense to QNAP with Elasticsearch Docker

If your pfSense does not have the performance or has huge storage of handling a network probe such as ntopng package, you can send your logs to an external system. With the use of NetFlow you can do this with softflowd package. First install softflowd via System>Package Manager, once installed you need to edit the…
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Setup HomeAssistant on QNAP Container using Docker

Lets begin by making the Home Assistant installation, find it on QNAP Container Station. Go to the ‘Create’ menu, search ‘homeassistant’ in the search bar, make sure you select the ‘Docker Hub’ tab as the ‘Recommended’ tab will shows an out of date version. You should see homeassistant/home-assistant click on ‘Install’ or ‘Create’. I recommend…
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Disassembly guide in replacing the CPU and RAM on the QNAP TVS-871

This QNAP model TVS-871 is similar to the TVS-471, TVS-671 and the TVS-871T. The disassembly will be slightly different, but this guide could still help you disassemble the unit. Before we disassemble the unit, make sure you got a long Phillips screwdriver (crosshead). Otherwise you will not be able to remove the SATA board tray out.…
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