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Undefined Programming

HomeAssistant Custom Card

Here are custom made cards that are ready to add into HomeAssistant, you need to ‘Add Card’ and then choose ‘Manual’. You just apply the Code Editor section into the Card Configurations, Images must be places within /config/www/images/ folder, and HomeAssistant must restart to detect newly added images. You must replace ‘[name]’ to the entity…
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pfSense on the QNAP QGD-1600P – Part 3

It’s time to create that volume, to be able to install anything on the QNAP QGD-1600P. You must initialise the storage pool for the volume, this is to tell what drive to use for the volume. I’ve decided to install the storage pool as RAID-0, as this would only be used for routing and it…
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Long overdue maintenance

Sorry to the visitors that happened to visit my site today, had to shut down everything to do some cleaning. Wires were everywhere……. To help with the cable tidy up I got myself an 1U Cat6A 24 port feedthrough patch panel, this patch panel has double sided RJ45 port which is helpful with my wiring…
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Unlock HDD that are locked after Secure Erase

I normally rely on Synology to do secure erase procedure on any HDD before storing or selling them. I now wish I didn’t as the drive may get locked, so I’ve wasted alot of time to test a bulk of HDD I have done in the past to ensure that they are not locked. Synology…
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Simple UIPageViewController

To use UIPageViewController effectively you would need an UIPageViewControllerDataSource, this will help to display the before and after UIViewController. Here is an simple implementation to get you started:

Extracting Data from Google Drive Spreadsheet into different formats

To simplify collaborators working with iOS development, I’ve decided that Google Spreadsheet is a good way of handling simple data collection. Which would then be exported to XML format for download, useful for updating applications on the fly. Advantages for collaborators: Spreadsheet operate within browser Edit spreadsheet in real time, no modification conflict Spreadsheet upload…
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Under construction

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