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Disassemble guide in replacing the SO-DIMM slot on the RS815+

The Synology RackStation RS815+ is one of the easiest motherboard replacement you can get for a RackStation in the Synology range. Sadly they have remove this feature in the updated edition RS818+, they have decided to mount the motherboard onto the casing. Probably cost saving due to reusing parts and less plastic.

Let begin in replacing the two SO-DIMM module, by locating the two thumb screws on the rear of the device.

If the thumb screws are difficult you can choose to use a Philip screwdriver, you then pull the motherboard towards you. That’s it….

I’ve decided to put in (16GB total) 2 * Crucial 8GB DDR3L SO-DIMM CT102464BF160B CL11 1.35V 1600MHz, these modules can also work with Synology DS218+, DS718+ and DS918+

Please ensure that the RAM fully seat into the slot at 45 degree angle before pushing it down.

Flip the motherboard and repeat.

Make sure you do a memory test using Synology Assistant, by enabling it via the preferences advance settings. The admin user account must be enabled before you can do the test, then right click on the model to see the Memory Test option. All you can do is wait for the percentage status go from 0-100%, once complete it’s good to go

To give you a better view of this docking system, here is the whole setup without the top cover, to show how great this docking function in the RS815+. A very good idea for replacing modules or cleaning the system.

I do wish that Synology add features into their models than take things away, with the high mark-up price I would assume they would keep this ability in their next model.


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  1. John

    Is that a total of 32Gb RAM for RS815+ ?
    Does it work ?
    In fact it is supposed to support only 16Gb.

    1. poyu

      I was stating 16GB capacity with the 2x8GB, I’ve corrected the post. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Alfredo

    Hola, en las especificaciones de este modelo el maximo son 6gb en total sumadas las 2gb en placa.
    seguro que admite 16gb?

    1. poyu

      Yes, it can support 16GB. Reason why they put 6GB max is because Synology don’t want you to remove the default RAM.

      It was working with 16GB, though I no longer own this.

  3. Gianni Baiguera

    I have bought only 1 RAM module and the NAS doesn’t start. Is it necessary, to put 2 modules in?

    1. poyu

      Hi Gianni, it would mean that you either didn’t enter the RAM in the slot correctly, so try re inserting the RAM again.

      Or the RAM you purchase is not compatible.

  4. Mr. Freeze

    I learned of a Linux command called dmidecode. When you run the command and pair it with a code word, it’ll tell you as much as it can about the hardware installed.

    I did a “sudo dmidecode -t memory” on my RS815+ via a terminal session (e.g., PuTTY). The system told me it has 4 memory slots and a max capacity of 64GB. I see the 2 slots on the module in the pictures. Has anyone figured out where and how to get to the other 2 slots??

    Also, I see you used memory modules by Crucial. That’s awesome. I wish I had known that; one of Synology’s guides recommends using their memory sticks. Have you noticed any performance benefits using Crucial’s memory versus Synology’s??

    Thank you in advance.

    1. poyu

      Yup the command dmidecode -t memory is used to retrieve data from the the chipset memory support, which is helpful in getting the max capacity of the system. Used it for identifying the max RAM support for the QNAP QGD-1600P.

      The RS815+ can only support 32GB with dual channel (2 so-dimm), and the missing slots will not matter as Synology haven’t made the connections for it on the board. Just stick with 2x 16GB (32GB) and call it a day, I don’t think it can support 2x 32GB (64GB) but you are more than welcome to try and report back.

      About the Synology branded RAM, if you get the same timing and speed of the Synology RAM recommendation there be no performance differences, it just a branding and you pay more for the name ‘Synology’ and it is 100% compatible with the server they have recommended. If you buy the RAM from a retail store with good return policy you can try and use other branded RAM and return if it doesn’t work and it’s cheaper.

      Also Synology don’t make their own RAM, they rebranded a RAM that they source. Crucial, Transcend, Samsung etc…

      1. Rambo

        Hi, do you know if anyone has attempted and got it working with 2 x 16GB (32GB) ram?

        I know your post talks about it and you have proven 2x8GB (16GB) works but I’d want to make sure it is proven with 2x16GB before I buy.

        Thanks again for your detailed post!

        1. poyu

          Hi Rambo, I have not heard a 32GB combination for the RS815+, as long you bought the new RAM from a place with good refund policy you can give it a shot. Sorry I no longer have this device to verify 32GB will work, wish you luck.

    1. poyu

      It’s the same model as the one I’ve used, it would surely work. There are times that the model number would introduce a change from the module manufacture, but it should meet the specification requirement.

      1. char

        Thanks Puyo,

        So I just buy 2, hahahaha

        I will let you know!

        Thanks man!

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